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Sompao Meas Hall Wedding in Lowell, MA

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Happy summer everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying the sun and making lasting memories with loved ones! I just got back from a weekend in Vegas celebrating a duo-bachelorette for my two favorite brides.  Can’t wait for their upcoming weddings!

button accessory from The House of Bachelorette

Back in May, Katie and I coordinated a big Cambodian/Laos wedding at Sompao Meas Hall in Lowell, MA with 600 guests! The day started off with lighting setup by Jim from CJC Event Lighting. I’ve seen Jim’s transformation work before so I was excited to get a chance to work with him.


While they were setting up the drapes and lighting, Katie and I started on the DIY centerpieces for 60 tables. The bride had ordered 200 ivory tulips from Classic Flowers for the table centerpieces with LED lights submerged in water and crystal beads.

The bride and groom hired a live Laos band to perform during cocktail while DJ Manila spinned during dancing. We loved the traditional aspect of the wedding with a twist of modern. The couple wore their traditional Cambodian/Laos outfits to greet and pin guests at the door.

 Their beautifully designed wedding cake from Konditor Meister

We got a chance to witness the traditional Cambodian/Laos way of receiving cards! Someone would lift the guest in the air as high as possible and then the bride/groom would have to somehow reach it! Imagine doing that 60 times!

Sorry for the iPhone quality photos. Hopefully we’ll be able to grab some professional ones from Kojo Studios soon! Congrats to the super sweet, Sam and Nino!

DIY Paper Mache Letters

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I have a bunch of DIY wedding projects to share with you guys! We did DIY bouquets for the wedding, hangers, table frames, personalized towels, pomander balls, paper mache letters and other projects that I’m glad we’ve experienced on the wedding planning journey. Today I’m going to share the DIY project of decorating paper mache letters. I decided to do “LOVE” for our welcome table at the wedding reception.

I got these paper mache letters from Joanne Fabric and decided to wrap them in different pink and gray craft paper which I got from Michaels. Btw, both craft stores always has coupons for extra savings!

Begin by selecting which design you’d want to do for each letter. I chose to do an alternating pink and gray since those were my wedding colors.

Next, you’ll want to take a pencil and trace the width of the paper mache letter on the back of the design paper.

Then cut the strip and wrap it around the side of the paper mache.

Make sure to do the sides of the paper maches before starting on the top of the letter.

For the top of the paper mache letter, simply trace the letter and use a precision knife to cut it out.

A little bit of craft glue and double sided tape and voila!

I loved how my “LOVE” letters came out so I also did a matching heart box for cards. So same thing, I started off with the sides and then moved onto the top of the heart box.

The heart shaped box ended up being too small for cards but we were able to still use it as decoration for the welcome table.

Brides can paper mache any letters for decorations – “WELCOME”, “THANK YOU”, “MR & MRS”, “HAPPINESS” …etc. and use any decorative craft paper!

Katy & David’s Wedding Featured

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Katy & David’s Wedding featured on Love & Lobster!

Race Point Beach Wedding

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Last year, we had a same-sex couple contact us regarding a destination wedding in the Cape. They were planning for a small intimate wedding in Provincetown but wanted to have a local planner assist with details since they were all the way in Louisiana! We did a lot of communications via phone and email throughout the planning process. Tabitha & Brittney wanted to have a beach ceremony followed by a reception at their vacation home rental. As a part of the planning package, we drove to Provincetown to do a site visit of Herring Cove Beach, Race Point Beach, and several of the vacation homes they found on Home Away.

We took lots of photos and video of the homes and both beaches so that the couple could have a better visual of their potential wedding spots.

The couple ultimately ended up choosing Race Point Beach over Herring Cove because it was more secluded (at the very tip tip of the tip!) and had less rocks in the sand. The $50 Cape Cod National permit fee allowed us to setup the ceremony directly on the beach with a floral aisle, heart shaped altar, and pillars. Parking is free during off-peak season (peak season June – September).

Cake from Michael’s Creative Baking

Officiant: Allan JoAn Tibbetts

sand blending ceremony

Rick Giumarra’s Homeaway property in Provincetown which was large enough to house the bridal party and provide dining space for their reception on the patio.

During the planning process, Tabitha sent me packages of stuff she ordered online for the ceremony decoration. We stored it for her until the wedding day so that she wouldn’t have to lug it on the airplane. They did tons of DIY projects including DIY silk bouquets, centerpieces, and decoration items which we setup for them.

We really enjoyed helping Tabitha and Brittney celebrate their marriage while also squeezing some time into their schedule to check out Boston and New York!

Ceremony: Race Point Beach
Reception: Provincetown Vacation Home
Photography: Nora from Aurora Photography
Officiant: Reverend Allan JoAn Tibbetts
Cake: Michael’s Creative Bakery
Makeup: DIY
Hair: Hair by the Sea
Nails: Lovely Nails (Eastham)
All this while maintaining a budget of under $3000! Success!

We hope you guys come back to visit soon!

Silk Rose Petals vs. Freeze Dried Rose Petals

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Flowers can become costly when you factor in bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decoration, centerpieces, and even if you want to add some to the cake or cake table. They can add up to more than $2,000 (depending on the size of your wedding). As a DIY project, I plan on ordering bulk flowers online and having them delivered to the hotel in Hawaii for our wedding. They would be delivered two days prior to the wedding so we could make the bouquets and boutonnieres (slumber party!).

I came across the dilemma of ordering silk rose petals, freeze dried, or fresh rose petals for our ceremony decoration of the aisle. One DIY floral package I looked at included fresh rose petals but it was the most expensive. I love being able to reuse things especially since we’re having two receptions! The fresh rose petals would obviously go to waste after the ceremony in the hot humid air of the Big Island. So I started looking into silk rose petals and freeze dried.

Silk rose petals are fake and often smaller than fresh rose petals. They are the most cost effective but lack the feel of fresh or freeze dried rose petals. There are also more color options with silk rose petals than freeze dried.

Freeze dried rose petals are natural and biodegradable.  I originally thought they were “frozen fresh” petals but the “freeze” only refers to the process used to dry the petals.  They cost a little more but could be used again and again they lose their color (I’ve read up to 1 year).

*Note, these have been sitting in hot, humid conditions for the past month because I forgot about them

I ordered these samples from Petal Garden. For $2 (shipping included), you can sample 10 color choices for freeze dried rose petals and as many silk ones as you like. They also include a $5 coupon towards your next purchase so it’s a win-win!

The rose petals are stamped with a number to match their Color Key (the darker petals are hole punched).

I basically ordered all the pink freeze dried rose petals (10):

  1. Pink
  2. Ivory
  3. Plum
  4. Lavender
  5. Coral
  6. Blush
  7. Fuchsia
  8. Hot pink
  9. Guava
  10. Sherbert

And a couple of the silk ones (unlimited):
Hot pink
Bubble gum
Ivory with pink

Can you tell the difference between silk rose petals vs. freeze dried rose petals?!

After comparing the two rose petals, I would recommend couples going with the freeze dried rose petals. They arrived looking full, natural, and colorful. To loosen the freeze dried rose petals and give them an even more soft natural feel; place them in a humid environment such as a steamy bathroom or hot summer day outside. Hopefully I’ll be able to update with photos from the wedding ceremony when we get back!

Macy’s Sip and Scan Registry

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For our second registry, we decided to go with Macy’s because of their selection of items, convenience, and Star Rewards system. We went to the Macy’s Sip and Scan at South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA hosted by Off the Vine Catering.

Similar to the Crate and Barrel Registry Party, begin by registering for one of the Macy’s Sip and Scan events near you. We had to register online two months in advance for an evening Sip and Scan spot at the Braintree location. While shopping at the mall one day, the FI and I decided to get a head start on the Macy’s wedding registry (I think he was just anxious to use the scanner gun again). A wedding registry consultant at the Burlington Mall took us on the spot and reviewed the Macy’s registry process in about 15 minutes. Then we were off with our scanner gun! It worked out better because we got to skip the long registration line at the actually Sip and Scan event.Love their little “the happy couple is registered at Macys” memo insert cards

One advice I wish someone told us about: the Macy’s Star Rewards program! We bought 8 suits from Macy’s prior to our whole registry process and then learned about their reward incentive program. :T

If you create a Macy’s wedding registry and add your Macy’s credit card to the registry account, you’ll receive 10% Rewards on purchases made on the Macy’s credit card from the day you enroll in Registry Star Rewards until the wedding day. You also receive 5% Rewards on purchases guests make from your gift registry. 45 days after the wedding, Macy’s will send you a gift card based on the rewards earned through the “engagement” period. So if you’re planning to buy bridesmaid dresses, suits, shoes, or any other purchases from Macys, make sure to complete your wedding registry with them ahead of time to start earning rewards/cash back!

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

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A memorable wedding lies in all of the details which have the power to make a wedding unique and special to the couple.  One of the recent trends for weddings which can represent both the couple’s taste and theme of their wedding is a spin on the traditional cake……Cupcakes!  It is now being incorporated or altogether replacing the wedding cake.  Cupcakes offer so many creative ways to represent what the bride and groom likes, by choice of flavor, frosting, and decoration.


 A great advantage of choosing cupcakes is that they can all be individualized, each one distinct from another. The options are endless which means the guests no longer have to be limited to one flavor cake and now can choose their favorite from chocolate to vanilla to red velvet! Embellishment no longer has to be the same design, it can be different colors,  different adornment of bows, flowers, and/or writing. A great idea is to have the cupcakes alternate between the couple’s wedding date or a simple saying of “I do.” Whichever way the bride and groom chooses to personalize the cupcakes it will display their style and create a lasting memory for their guests.

It’s a new way to add whimsy to your special day and is definitely worth some consideration!



Pictures from Mom’N Pop Cakes, Cotton and Crumbs and All Things Weddings.

Under the Veil

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How do you want to look on your big day? This is the ultimate question for the bride, and sometimes the most difficult! Some can easily picture their dream look while others have not figured out the style that is best for them. It is overwhelming, from the dress to the hair and make-up, for brides to find the perfect combination that completes the package. The options are never ending for make-up, making the process a daunting task to figure out without some inspiration. Professionally done makeup is a popular route for a blushing bride today, however, I’ve provided some tips on “do-it-yourself” makeup that could give you the look you’re trying to achieve! This entry gives a glimpse into the options bride’s have and, never fear! Whether you have blue or brown eyes, there are color combinations for everybody.

All the make-up in the pictures, followed this simple how-to guide:

  1. Eyes are the focal point of your face so always start there. Especially because shadow can fall down on to your face when you are applying it, so it is best to save foundation, bronzer and blush until last. Primer is the base for your eyes, so this is where to start. It will make your shadow last longer while also helping with placement. There are plenty of expensive primers out there, but personally I use Vaseline. It is cheap and works just as well as the other brands, but make sure to apply a small amount to finger then to eye. Otherwise, it will become sticky. To set your primer apply a neutral shadow, such as a nude shade. I like to use one with a little bit of sparkle to just add more dimension to the color.
  2. Apply Shadow. The lid color is first and applied from lash line to crease. The natural way to apply shadow is to sweep, but to make shadow have an even look, press the shadow to the lid. It intensifies the color so you want a small, flat brush for this. The most beautiful and the most difficult part eye shadows is applying the crease shade. The best tip I can supply is to look straight into the mirror and press the shadow right into where brown bone and your lid meet. It should be a thick, harsh line that you must blend after. You want to take a big, sweeping brush and work that shadow around up past the crease to a little bit below your eyebrows.
  3.   Eyeliner is the most playful part of your makeup and you can decide what looks best on you. It will be easier to start basic though, so apply  by smudging the liner right into your lashes. It gives them the illusion of making them look thicker. Place the liner under your eye as well, right along the lash line and then with a q-tip smudge the liner around so it is more blended.
  4. Apply Mascara. Start with curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. It makes your eyes look fuller and bigger. Mascara choice is up to you but on the girls above, L’Oreal mascaras were used. They are affordable and convenient, located at all drugstores.
  5. Highlight. It brings light to your face and also allows that finishing touch to your look. I prefer using a white highlight because I think it draws more attention to your eyes, but golds and even some pinks work good as well. Apply to the corner of the eye and right below the brow bone.After your eyes are finished, I would take a make-up remover wipe to get rid of any excess shadows or mess ups that happened while completing your eyes.
  6. Apply Foundation. A difficult step for most women, but whether you use a liquid, cream or powder. Make sure to choose a shade that is the closest to your skin tone and blend well. Foundation can be tricky, often looked caked on if not applied correctly. Remember to use large brushes for this and blend into hairline and neck.
  7. Bronzer. It is included in pictures above, however is it completely optional. For application, make sure to apply first to the temples and blend into the forehead. Next blend in your cheeks and nose. Do not forget your neck because your face will look discolored if you don’t blend.
  8. Apply Blush. The key is application.  It does not need to be expensive or be a brand name but you must apply correctly. Blending along the cheek bones is the goal and the best way to achieve this is to suck in your cheeks and follow the line. I know it looks and feels funny, but it supplies the natural line of your cheek bone. It simplifies the process. A shimmery shade, you can choose if you want to add highlight to your cheek bones.

These are just some color combinations in the pictures above ranging from blue eyes to hazel. Other combinations of colors are:

Blue Eye Color Combinations: Bronze and Dark Brown, Peach and Dark Purple, Grey and Pink

Brown Combination: Purple and Brown, Gold and Blue, Pink and Green

Hazel Combinations: Green and Purple, Gold and Grey, Blue and Navy

Green Combinations: Brown and Maroon, Bronze and Emerald, Mauve and Pink



These are the basic steps to achieve each looks but if you would like more information, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I have hyper-linked the products used below for each one of one of my friends who participated and myself.

Jocelyn’s looks:

Stila Lilac (Purple Shade)

Tarte Shimmering Sage(Green Color)

Lancome MakeOver Metallic(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Intense Black Liner

bareMinerals Dark Chocolate

Gabrielle’s Looks:

MAC Melon(Gold Shade)

bareMinerals Sex Kitten(Brown Shade)

Tarte Soft Petal Pink(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Soul Sister(Maroon Shade)

Buxom Pen and Ink Long Lasting EyeLiner(Brown)

Katie’s Look:

Mac Eyeshadow: Play on Plums—Peach color (20)

Fresh Highlight(Pink Shadow)

Chanel Brown Liner






Photo Cookie Station

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Imagine a photo booth that prints out edible cookies. Neat right?!  Wicked Good Cookies will help you add “a little bit of sugar and a whole lot of spice” to your next event with their Photo Cookie Station. Guests can take a picture from the booth and it’ll be  printed directly on top of the cookie! I love the idea of it being a wedding favor and activity in one!

Similar to the average cost of renting a regular photo booth, the Photo Cookie Station includes the following:

  • 4 hours of printing
  • 200 freshly baked cookies
  • Customized borders (i.e. Thank you and date)
  • “Green screen” setup
  • On-site technician

Wicked Good Cookies also offers customized cookies for bridal showers, wedding receptions, and other events. I can’t even begin to tell you how deliciously moist and tasty their cookies are – they really are wicked good!

Wicked Good Cookies is also offering our clients a special discount on orders (also applicable towards the Photo Cookie Station) so feel free to contact us for more information.