Under the Veil

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How do you want to look on your big day? This is the ultimate question for the bride, and sometimes the most difficult! Some can easily picture their dream look while others have not figured out the style that is best for them. It is overwhelming, from the dress to the hair and make-up, for brides to find the perfect combination that completes the package. The options are never ending for make-up, making the process a daunting task to figure out without some inspiration. Professionally done makeup is a popular route for a blushing bride today, however, I’ve provided some tips on “do-it-yourself” makeup that could give you the look you’re trying to achieve! This entry gives a glimpse into the options bride’s have and, never fear! Whether you have blue or brown eyes, there are color combinations for everybody.

All the make-up in the pictures, followed this simple how-to guide:

  1. Eyes are the focal point of your face so always start there. Especially because shadow can fall down on to your face when you are applying it, so it is best to save foundation, bronzer and blush until last. Primer is the base for your eyes, so this is where to start. It will make your shadow last longer while also helping with placement. There are plenty of expensive primers out there, but personally I use Vaseline. It is cheap and works just as well as the other brands, but make sure to apply a small amount to finger then to eye. Otherwise, it will become sticky. To set your primer apply a neutral shadow, such as a nude shade. I like to use one with a little bit of sparkle to just add more dimension to the color.
  2. Apply Shadow. The lid color is first and applied from lash line to crease. The natural way to apply shadow is to sweep, but to make shadow have an even look, press the shadow to the lid. It intensifies the color so you want a small, flat brush for this. The most beautiful and the most difficult part eye shadows is applying the crease shade. The best tip I can supply is to look straight into the mirror and press the shadow right into where brown bone and your lid meet. It should be a thick, harsh line that you must blend after. You want to take a big, sweeping brush and work that shadow around up past the crease to a little bit below your eyebrows.
  3.   Eyeliner is the most playful part of your makeup and you can decide what looks best on you. It will be easier to start basic though, so apply  by smudging the liner right into your lashes. It gives them the illusion of making them look thicker. Place the liner under your eye as well, right along the lash line and then with a q-tip smudge the liner around so it is more blended.
  4. Apply Mascara. Start with curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. It makes your eyes look fuller and bigger. Mascara choice is up to you but on the girls above, L’Oreal mascaras were used. They are affordable and convenient, located at all drugstores.
  5. Highlight. It brings light to your face and also allows that finishing touch to your look. I prefer using a white highlight because I think it draws more attention to your eyes, but golds and even some pinks work good as well. Apply to the corner of the eye and right below the brow bone.After your eyes are finished, I would take a make-up remover wipe to get rid of any excess shadows or mess ups that happened while completing your eyes.
  6. Apply Foundation. A difficult step for most women, but whether you use a liquid, cream or powder. Make sure to choose a shade that is the closest to your skin tone and blend well. Foundation can be tricky, often looked caked on if not applied correctly. Remember to use large brushes for this and blend into hairline and neck.
  7. Bronzer. It is included in pictures above, however is it completely optional. For application, make sure to apply first to the temples and blend into the forehead. Next blend in your cheeks and nose. Do not forget your neck because your face will look discolored if you don’t blend.
  8. Apply Blush. The key is application.  It does not need to be expensive or be a brand name but you must apply correctly. Blending along the cheek bones is the goal and the best way to achieve this is to suck in your cheeks and follow the line. I know it looks and feels funny, but it supplies the natural line of your cheek bone. It simplifies the process. A shimmery shade, you can choose if you want to add highlight to your cheek bones.

These are just some color combinations in the pictures above ranging from blue eyes to hazel. Other combinations of colors are:

Blue Eye Color Combinations: Bronze and Dark Brown, Peach and Dark Purple, Grey and Pink

Brown Combination: Purple and Brown, Gold and Blue, Pink and Green

Hazel Combinations: Green and Purple, Gold and Grey, Blue and Navy

Green Combinations: Brown and Maroon, Bronze and Emerald, Mauve and Pink



These are the basic steps to achieve each looks but if you would like more information, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I have hyper-linked the products used below for each one of one of my friends who participated and myself.

Jocelyn’s looks:

Stila Lilac (Purple Shade)

Tarte Shimmering Sage(Green Color)

Lancome MakeOver Metallic(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Intense Black Liner

bareMinerals Dark Chocolate

Gabrielle’s Looks:

MAC Melon(Gold Shade)

bareMinerals Sex Kitten(Brown Shade)

Tarte Soft Petal Pink(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Soul Sister(Maroon Shade)

Buxom Pen and Ink Long Lasting EyeLiner(Brown)

Katie’s Look:

Mac Eyeshadow: Play on Plums—Peach color (20)

Fresh Highlight(Pink Shadow)

Chanel Brown Liner






Lash L’amour Special with Rue La La

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Being the savvy girl that I am, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals possible. Today I’ve come across a special for Lash L’amour on Rue La La. It’s one of Hollywood’s best kept celebrity secrets and now they’ve made their way here to the East coast, Newton to be exact. Whether you’re looking for natural everyday lash extensions to especially dramatic wedding day lash extensions, they do it all. Speaking from experience, I’ve had lash extensions done before and they are the greatest especially in the summer months where you can step out of the house without mascara and liner! Also a plus for swimmers and beach/poolside bums like myself.

There are 3 buying options:
1. $97 for a full set of natural lash extensions
2. $147 for a full set of dramatic lash extensions
3. $298 for five lash refills

So ladies, jump on this deal while it’s hot. Extensions last about 8 weeks and you can redeem this anytime between today and December 23, 2011. Visit Rue La La now to get all the details on this great steal!

Change it up with Loreal!

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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to put away all the dark colored nail polish, lipstick, and hair color! Usually I prefer to go lighter in the summer days with some highlights, but you can also change things up on a budget. Recently I’ve discovered the new Loreal Sublime Mousse Permanent Hair Color. It’s the easy to use and no mess! It’s the newest thing in at home hair dye where it comes out as a plush foam rather than a creamy/drippy solution. I found that 1 bottle was more than enough to dye my medium length hair. It also comes with a tube of conditioner that smells divine and a little definitely goes a long way. Recently I’ve tried the Iced Dark Brown and I find it to be more reflective in the light which is great!  So whether you’re looking for a quick touch up or a dramatic change, I definitely recommend Loreal Sublime Mousse. One of my favorite do-it-yourself dyes by far, so go out and grab a box today!

Spa Week in Boston!

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It’s here!

Spa Week for Massachusetts is offering various spa treatment packages for just $50 at local participating salons and spas! This is the perfect pampering event for brides, bridal parties, and moms! Get a facial, mani/pedi, massage, or even a Couples Treatment! April 11-17, 2011 check out local places like Bella Sante and Tropez Salon and Spa for more information on their salon packages.

Splash of SPRING*

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It’s finally time to say “see you later” to Old Man Winter and welcome Spring!  The sun was out to play all day today and it motivated me to do some major spring cleaning and remove some of those dark winter colors and replace them with some bright and fun ones!

First things first, I took off that dark maroon nail polish called “wined up” by Sally Hansen and replaced it with a bright, and vibrant color.

My current favorite: “Peachy Breeze”

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Polish

The color changed my mood completely! If you’re a no hassle, always-on-the-go type of girl like me, Sally Hansen has a great product called Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Polish.  It’s easy to put on and quick to dry.  Try this product and see if it’ll brighten your day like it did mine!  You can find these sold in stores like CVS and Target.

Here’s just a few of the new spring colors but remember to check out all the different types of fun colors that are available for some spring time inspiration~!

Happy Spring!

Vanessa Bridal Grand Opening and Fashion Show

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Last month we had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Vanessa Bridal in Natick.  It was a packed house and we had a fabulous time watching the fashion show and seeing what Vanessa Bridal has to offer.  From photography, dresses to hair and makeup, this is a one-stop shop for all your bridal needs.  Lisa Chiu, the owner of Vanessa Bridal, has brought this popular concept over from Taiwan.  A lot of her dresses are her own designs as well as from up and coming designers in Boston, Taiwan and New York.  They are available for rent and for purchase.  V-Bridal is also a great spot to get pampered.  They offer hair and makeup services, as well as nails and facials.  Check it out next time you’re in the area!

[nggallery id=9]

Bridal Makeup with GLOW

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Located at 351A Washington Street, Braintree, Glow Skin Care Salon is a beauty boutique that offers a full range of services, including bridal makeup.

Q. Do all the Glow girls do bridal makeup?
Yes, they all specialize in bridal make up.  Some of the Glow girls also do makeup for runway shows, Boston Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Q. Does Glow use traditional makeup or airbrushing?
Glow currently uses photo-finish makeup but will be offering airbrushing this year.

Q. Any makeup tips for our blog readers?

  • False lashes are a must for bridal makeup. Your pictures go from quality to magazine quality.
  • Book your make up 45 minutes after you think your hair will be done.  You always run late.  You will feel rushed and not be on time for your appointment.
  • Buy the lipstick the technician uses on you and moisturize moisturize moisturize that morning.
  • Have fun!

For more bridal makeup information and other beauty services, contact Shelly North at Glow!

Hello Kitty Beauty

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Almost jumped out of my seat when I saw this online private preview for Sephora’s exclusive Hello Kitty Beauty Line! I absolutely love love love Hello Kitty. I even own a Hello Kitty toaster. Yes, a toaster. It imprints her face on the bread. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually go out to buy it. My friend gave it to me as a gift, which I adore. Anyway, I ended up kicking myself because the online preview event was over the weekend and I completely missed it! Guess I’ll wait for the official in-store and online launch in mid-January.

Sign-up with Sephora to receive official notification of the Hello Kitty Beauty Line when its available!

A Healthy Balance

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Are you a bride-to-be stressing about the venue, the décor, the hair and makeup, the dress, and even how to get into the dress?!

Have no worries, A Healthy Balance is offering a new Bridal Package to tone and shape you for your wedding day!  With the help of Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Nikki Tierney and Personal Trainer, Alicia Golden, they will work out a fitness plan specifically for you. Whether your wedding is in 3 months or 9 months, the wonderful ladies at A Healthy Balance can get you towards your goal.

What is your Bridal Package?

  • 2 Boot Camp Sessions per week
  • 1 Personal Training Session per week
  • 1 Nutrition Appointment every other week

How is it different from a regular exercise program at the gym?
A Healthy Balance focuses on a personal touch with their clients. We really get to know our brides. Anyone can go do cardio at the gym but we do mini circuits to stimulate the workouts.

How early does a bride have to join in order to meet her goals?
It really depends because nothing happens overnight but we work with the bride to create a realistic plan for them to follow.

Are there any food tips before the big wedding day?
Make sure to eat something! Especially breakfast. Eat something with carbohydrates to avoid low blood sugar which can lead to a cranky and weak bride, such as granola bar, wheat bread, or something easy to digest. Try to avoid anything with high fiber on the morning of the wedding so it doesn’t cause any stomach or gas problems.

What’s the best fitness tip before the big wedding day?
Stick with your routine and remember soft knees – so no one passes out!

To ask Nikki or Alicia more health and fitness questions, please feel free to contact them and they’d be more than glad to help you.

A Healthy Balance is offering MW readers 25% off their first Bridal Package! Just let  Nikki know we sent you.

Revive, Refresh, Renew – SpaRaising Weekend

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Arista Day Spa

You guys all know how much we love girls’ nights, outings, and events here at Mikado Weddings. This event is no different. What gal doesn’t need some pampering! Especially if you’re a bride who has a stress load to release due to all the wedding planning details. Besides the obvious of hiring a wedding planner 🙂 treat yourself to a spa-rising weekend at Arista Day Spa where you can relax, rewind, and rejuvenate!

Andrea Leung,  owner and licensed estheician of Arista Day Spa, will be offering special discounts on all their goodies, from facials to massages to yoga! Want to host a bridal event at the spa, contact Andrea for more information. She does bridal make-up too!

Event: Revive, Refresh, Renew – SpaRaising Weekend
Date/Time: Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13 from 11:00am to 6:00pm
Where: 3 Bickford Rd, Malden, MA 02148

Head over to their Facebook event for more information on this SPA-lashing opportunity!