DIY Paper Mache Letters

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I have a bunch of DIY wedding projects to share with you guys! We did DIY bouquets for the wedding, hangers, table frames, personalized towels, pomander balls, paper mache letters and other projects that I’m glad we’ve experienced on the wedding planning journey. Today I’m going to share the DIY project of decorating paper mache letters. I decided to do “LOVE” for our welcome table at the wedding reception.

I got these paper mache letters from Joanne Fabric and decided to wrap them in different pink and gray craft paper which I got from Michaels. Btw, both craft stores always has coupons for extra savings!

Begin by selecting which design you’d want to do for each letter. I chose to do an alternating pink and gray since those were my wedding colors.

Next, you’ll want to take a pencil and trace the width of the paper mache letter on the back of the design paper.

Then cut the strip and wrap it around the side of the paper mache.

Make sure to do the sides of the paper maches before starting on the top of the letter.

For the top of the paper mache letter, simply trace the letter and use a precision knife to cut it out.

A little bit of craft glue and double sided tape and voila!

I loved how my “LOVE” letters came out so I also did a matching heart box for cards. So same thing, I started off with the sides and then moved onto the top of the heart box.

The heart shaped box ended up being too small for cards but we were able to still use it as decoration for the welcome table.

Brides can paper mache any letters for decorations – “WELCOME”, “THANK YOU”, “MR & MRS”, “HAPPINESS” …etc. and use any decorative craft paper!

Silk Rose Petals vs. Freeze Dried Rose Petals

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Flowers can become costly when you factor in bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decoration, centerpieces, and even if you want to add some to the cake or cake table. They can add up to more than $2,000 (depending on the size of your wedding). As a DIY project, I plan on ordering bulk flowers online and having them delivered to the hotel in Hawaii for our wedding. They would be delivered two days prior to the wedding so we could make the bouquets and boutonnieres (slumber party!).

I came across the dilemma of ordering silk rose petals, freeze dried, or fresh rose petals for our ceremony decoration of the aisle. One DIY floral package I looked at included fresh rose petals but it was the most expensive. I love being able to reuse things especially since we’re having two receptions! The fresh rose petals would obviously go to waste after the ceremony in the hot humid air of the Big Island. So I started looking into silk rose petals and freeze dried.

Silk rose petals are fake and often smaller than fresh rose petals. They are the most cost effective but lack the feel of fresh or freeze dried rose petals. There are also more color options with silk rose petals than freeze dried.

Freeze dried rose petals are natural and biodegradable.  I originally thought they were “frozen fresh” petals but the “freeze” only refers to the process used to dry the petals.  They cost a little more but could be used again and again they lose their color (I’ve read up to 1 year).

*Note, these have been sitting in hot, humid conditions for the past month because I forgot about them

I ordered these samples from Petal Garden. For $2 (shipping included), you can sample 10 color choices for freeze dried rose petals and as many silk ones as you like. They also include a $5 coupon towards your next purchase so it’s a win-win!

The rose petals are stamped with a number to match their Color Key (the darker petals are hole punched).

I basically ordered all the pink freeze dried rose petals (10):

  1. Pink
  2. Ivory
  3. Plum
  4. Lavender
  5. Coral
  6. Blush
  7. Fuchsia
  8. Hot pink
  9. Guava
  10. Sherbert

And a couple of the silk ones (unlimited):
Hot pink
Bubble gum
Ivory with pink

Can you tell the difference between silk rose petals vs. freeze dried rose petals?!

After comparing the two rose petals, I would recommend couples going with the freeze dried rose petals. They arrived looking full, natural, and colorful. To loosen the freeze dried rose petals and give them an even more soft natural feel; place them in a humid environment such as a steamy bathroom or hot summer day outside. Hopefully I’ll be able to update with photos from the wedding ceremony when we get back!

Under the Veil

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How do you want to look on your big day? This is the ultimate question for the bride, and sometimes the most difficult! Some can easily picture their dream look while others have not figured out the style that is best for them. It is overwhelming, from the dress to the hair and make-up, for brides to find the perfect combination that completes the package. The options are never ending for make-up, making the process a daunting task to figure out without some inspiration. Professionally done makeup is a popular route for a blushing bride today, however, I’ve provided some tips on “do-it-yourself” makeup that could give you the look you’re trying to achieve! This entry gives a glimpse into the options bride’s have and, never fear! Whether you have blue or brown eyes, there are color combinations for everybody.

All the make-up in the pictures, followed this simple how-to guide:

  1. Eyes are the focal point of your face so always start there. Especially because shadow can fall down on to your face when you are applying it, so it is best to save foundation, bronzer and blush until last. Primer is the base for your eyes, so this is where to start. It will make your shadow last longer while also helping with placement. There are plenty of expensive primers out there, but personally I use Vaseline. It is cheap and works just as well as the other brands, but make sure to apply a small amount to finger then to eye. Otherwise, it will become sticky. To set your primer apply a neutral shadow, such as a nude shade. I like to use one with a little bit of sparkle to just add more dimension to the color.
  2. Apply Shadow. The lid color is first and applied from lash line to crease. The natural way to apply shadow is to sweep, but to make shadow have an even look, press the shadow to the lid. It intensifies the color so you want a small, flat brush for this. The most beautiful and the most difficult part eye shadows is applying the crease shade. The best tip I can supply is to look straight into the mirror and press the shadow right into where brown bone and your lid meet. It should be a thick, harsh line that you must blend after. You want to take a big, sweeping brush and work that shadow around up past the crease to a little bit below your eyebrows.
  3.   Eyeliner is the most playful part of your makeup and you can decide what looks best on you. It will be easier to start basic though, so apply  by smudging the liner right into your lashes. It gives them the illusion of making them look thicker. Place the liner under your eye as well, right along the lash line and then with a q-tip smudge the liner around so it is more blended.
  4. Apply Mascara. Start with curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. It makes your eyes look fuller and bigger. Mascara choice is up to you but on the girls above, L’Oreal mascaras were used. They are affordable and convenient, located at all drugstores.
  5. Highlight. It brings light to your face and also allows that finishing touch to your look. I prefer using a white highlight because I think it draws more attention to your eyes, but golds and even some pinks work good as well. Apply to the corner of the eye and right below the brow bone.After your eyes are finished, I would take a make-up remover wipe to get rid of any excess shadows or mess ups that happened while completing your eyes.
  6. Apply Foundation. A difficult step for most women, but whether you use a liquid, cream or powder. Make sure to choose a shade that is the closest to your skin tone and blend well. Foundation can be tricky, often looked caked on if not applied correctly. Remember to use large brushes for this and blend into hairline and neck.
  7. Bronzer. It is included in pictures above, however is it completely optional. For application, make sure to apply first to the temples and blend into the forehead. Next blend in your cheeks and nose. Do not forget your neck because your face will look discolored if you don’t blend.
  8. Apply Blush. The key is application.  It does not need to be expensive or be a brand name but you must apply correctly. Blending along the cheek bones is the goal and the best way to achieve this is to suck in your cheeks and follow the line. I know it looks and feels funny, but it supplies the natural line of your cheek bone. It simplifies the process. A shimmery shade, you can choose if you want to add highlight to your cheek bones.

These are just some color combinations in the pictures above ranging from blue eyes to hazel. Other combinations of colors are:

Blue Eye Color Combinations: Bronze and Dark Brown, Peach and Dark Purple, Grey and Pink

Brown Combination: Purple and Brown, Gold and Blue, Pink and Green

Hazel Combinations: Green and Purple, Gold and Grey, Blue and Navy

Green Combinations: Brown and Maroon, Bronze and Emerald, Mauve and Pink



These are the basic steps to achieve each looks but if you would like more information, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I have hyper-linked the products used below for each one of one of my friends who participated and myself.

Jocelyn’s looks:

Stila Lilac (Purple Shade)

Tarte Shimmering Sage(Green Color)

Lancome MakeOver Metallic(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Intense Black Liner

bareMinerals Dark Chocolate

Gabrielle’s Looks:

MAC Melon(Gold Shade)

bareMinerals Sex Kitten(Brown Shade)

Tarte Soft Petal Pink(Pink Shade)

bareMinerals Soul Sister(Maroon Shade)

Buxom Pen and Ink Long Lasting EyeLiner(Brown)

Katie’s Look:

Mac Eyeshadow: Play on Plums—Peach color (20)

Fresh Highlight(Pink Shadow)

Chanel Brown Liner






DIY Bridal Party Invitations

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One of the first things we did after getting engaged (on top of picking a wedding date, searching for ceremony/reception venues, gown shopping…etc.) was select our bridal party. We’ve decided on a doing a destination wedding (more to come on planning a destination wedding) so we wanted to incorporate some sort of travel theme. I found these super cute personalized luggage tags from Etsy. Brandy was so easy to work with during the design process. We wanted the luggage tags to be something the bridal party would actually use and like so I didn’t want to have our names plastered across the tag. Instead we did “A L O H A” with a sun for the guys and a flower for the girls. Underneath that, we had a quote:  “IT WOULDN’T BE A JOURNEY WITHOUT YOU” and inscribed the wedding date on the bottom right hand corner. Brandy delivered the personalized luggage tags in clear cello bags. I thought about putting them into an envelope or attaching a sticker to the back – “Will you be my bridesmaid?” but it’s hard to stick something onto leather. So that’s when we got started on a DIY bridesmaid/groomsmen card to go along with the luggage tags.

The bridesmaids got cards with a pink bridesmaid dress on top of pearl white metallic cardstock while the guys card were a tuxedo on black cardstock. I embossed the back of the girls cardstock with pink lettering “will you be my bridesmaid?” and silver for the guys (because I love the look of silver on black) “you have been chosen” (because the fiance wanted to say something unique/funny). To start on the embossing, you’ll need the embossing heat gun, alphabet stamps, stamp pad, and embossing powder, which I found at a local Michaels.

1. stamp the letters  2. sprinkle on some powder  3. heat with the gun

I found it easier to do the lettering and heating on the back before starting on the front design of the card.

Groomsmen Invitations
I measured the black cardstock to be just a little bigger than the cello bags the luggage tags came in. Next I cut some ribbons for the mini bow tie on the tuxedo and used the extra scraps from the girls’ pearl white metallic cardstock for the white dress shirt underneath. I used glue to stick on the dress shirt and found adhesive faux pearls to be used as buttons.

The hardest part was shaping the bow tie and getting it to stick so its best to leave the card to sit overnight before continuing.

We also made a tuxedo invitation for our ring bearer!

Bridesmaids Invitations
I  also measured the pink cardstock to be just a little bigger than the cello bags.  Next I found a bridesmaid dress line drawing online to trace onto the pink cardstock so it would be easier to cut. I really love one shoulder dresses but I couldn’t find a good one online so I traced just about everything except the right sleeve.

Then I cut strips from the black cardstock for the “belt” of the dress and added a small floral decor to it. The dresses looked a little too plain so I added some texture with an extra layer of pink tulle.

To complete the invitations, hole punch a corner and tie the cards to the luggage tags with a black string.  We setup these bridal party invitations at the restaurant where we held our bridal party/engagement party and I’m happy to report that they all accepted! Mahalo!

Welcome to Boston Bags

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Do you have some out-of-town guests coming to the wedding? We’ve seen guests fly in from Florida, California, and even as far as around the world for weddings. Just think, these out-of-town guests fly in from another state so they have no idea where to go, what to do, or the history of this place you guys call “home”. To show your out-of-town guests how much you appreciate them traveling for your wedding, a welcome bag would be a perfect gesture. Most hotels charge for welcome bag deliveries to guestrooms. A way to avoid the fee is to ask if you could have your day-of-coordinator deliver the welcome bags or just have guests pick them up at the front desk as they check-in. So, what should you include in the welcome  bags? Well just about anything you’d like – candy, maps, water, postcards, disposable cameras, pens, t-shirts…etc. This is what I would like to fill mine up with for guests visiting:

  1. Although I have never been on a Boston Duck Tour, this is the ultimate To-Do while in Boston
  2. Wicked Good Cookies
  3. Hello Mr. Lobster
  4. Official welcome to the Beantown with a clay pot of Baked Beans
  5. You can’t walk a block in the city of Boston without running into a DD so treat your guests to a Dunkin Donut’s gift card for an iced coffee
  6. MBTA Charlie Card – they’re free and rechargeable + Map of Boston to get around the town
  7. Massachusetts Mug
  8. Boston Skyline with the Charles River Magnet
  9. Boston Red Sox Koozie would go great with a bag of peanuts and some information on a Boston Fenway Park Tour*Actual tickets sold at ticket office (first-come, first served basis)
  10. Gotta include some American Revolution history! Cute little pillow box with 5 individual Davison, Newman & Company tea bags – the producer of the same tea thrown at the Boston Tea Party!
  11. Lobster Tin Mints
  12. All this to be thrown into a Boston’s Zakim Bridge Tote

Change it up with Loreal!

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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to put away all the dark colored nail polish, lipstick, and hair color! Usually I prefer to go lighter in the summer days with some highlights, but you can also change things up on a budget. Recently I’ve discovered the new Loreal Sublime Mousse Permanent Hair Color. It’s the easy to use and no mess! It’s the newest thing in at home hair dye where it comes out as a plush foam rather than a creamy/drippy solution. I found that 1 bottle was more than enough to dye my medium length hair. It also comes with a tube of conditioner that smells divine and a little definitely goes a long way. Recently I’ve tried the Iced Dark Brown and I find it to be more reflective in the light which is great!  So whether you’re looking for a quick touch up or a dramatic change, I definitely recommend Loreal Sublime Mousse. One of my favorite do-it-yourself dyes by far, so go out and grab a box today!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Looks like there’s rain in Boston’s upcoming forecast.  Here’s a fun little DIY project to help brighten up a room, your day or your mood! The materials that you’ll need are pretty easy to find, you can pick them up in any CVS, Target or Staples. If you are planning a Spring wedding, these flowers would be a great and inexpensive way to decorate your reception area.  While we continue to plan for one bride’s wedding, we came up with a great idea to use a white picket fence as a prop to help with the decor of the room.  One idea using these flowers could be to curl the pipe cleaner in through the holes of the fence and have the flowers appear from the fence.

I hope these ideas will help inspire you!


Bouquet of Flowers

1. Construction paper (at least 2 sheets of each color)
2. Pipe cleaners
3. Scissors
4. Glue stick/tape
5. Foam Hearts (optional)



Step 1: Cut out 5 large pedals using one color of construction paper, fold each pedal in half and cut from the bottom up about 1/3 of the way

Step 2: Cut out 5 small pedals using either the same color as the first, or choose a different color, fold each pedal in half and cut from the bottom up about 1/3 of the way

Step 3: Take one large flower pedal and maneuvering it using the slit on the bottom of the pedal, use either your glue stick or tape and place on the bottom inner left corner of the pedal and place the inner right corner on top to make a flower pedal.  Repeat this step for all ten pedals.

Step 4: Holding one big flower pedal, put glue or tape on the bottom outer corner of it and glue another pedal onto it to connect the pedals.  Do this until you have a ring of large pedals.

Step 5. Repeat Step 4 using your smaller pedals.

Step 6. Place the smaller ring of flowers inside the larger ring of flowers and glue down or use tape to secure its placement.

Step 7.  Using another piece of construction paper, cut out a circle and then continue to cut strips into the circle staggering the lengths.  Use your finger to curl the strips around the circle, either alternating a pattern or curling all the strips.

Step 8: Glue the little heart onto the circle.  Glue or tape the circle with the heart into the smaller ring of flowers.  Take your pipe cleaner and larger heart and flip to the back of your flower.  Tape down the pipe cleaner and glue the larger heart on top.

Viola! You have a beautiful spring flower to bring in some vibrant colors during these gloomy and rainy days ahead.

Alternative to Wedding Videography

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I’m loving this neat new concept to wedding videography by Weddeos! Not only is it a unique idea but it’s also a budget friendly way for brides and grooms to capture their wedding day. Weddeos takes the traditional art of filming and turns it into something fun and memorable for everyone. They offer 3 different packages: Radiant, Emerald, and Princess. Each package comes with mini-HD cameras that are to be assigned to friends, family members, even planners to help shoot various angles of the wedding. 1 camera could be given to Uncle Bob, who loves chatting with everyone; 2nd camera could be given to that friend that you couldn’t include in the wedding party but still wanted to make him/her feel apart of the wedding; 3rd one could be given to Auntie Ann to film the girls getting ready; and the list goes on. The mini-HD cameras record 1 hour of footage each and couples also have the option of taking them on their honeymoon to capture the post wedding moments. After all the footage is captured on the cameras, simply send them back with the prepaid shipping labels and the Weddeos editing team will work their magic. They edit the videos with a music video style approach, which is quite popular nowadays amongst young couples who are looking for that “MTV style” wedding video. Weddeos can also work with your photographer and create photo montages in the video. As many of you may know, the most important aspect of videography is being able to piece and edit everything together. I love the idea of having your wedding captured on video through the eyes of someone who knows you best. Check out one of their sample videos below:



We send mini-HD cameras to the bride and groom, who assign friends or family members (who know them best) to shoot multiple angles of their wedding and behind the scenes video. They can even take one camera with them on their honeymoon (which most people never see). They send the cameras with footage back to us, and we edit a music video style “Weddeo” for them.

The fabulous team over at Weddeos has a very special offer for our MW readers – with the mention of Mikado Weddings, couples will receive a $75 discount on Weddeos’ Packages.

A Sweet Treat for your Sweetheart (or Guests!)

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While searching for the perfect edible Valentine’s Day treat, I found countless cupcakes, candies, and cookies.  Then a friend introduced me to CAKE POPS…a rolled up ball of cake dipped in candy coating on a lollipop stick.  This was perfect and began my search for all things cake pop.  There are numerous recipes out there, but they are all similar.  You don’t need a fancy cake recipe for this treat, just a box mix.  Inspired by the queen of cakepops, I followed Bakerella’s easy recipe for my first attempt at these delicious treats.  Throw them in a bag with a ribbon and they are the perfect favor for any occasion!


Cake mix of your choice (I used strawberry), butter cream or cream cheese frosting, candy coating (bark or melts), sprinkles

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees and prepare the cake mix as instructed on the box.  Pour the batter into a 9″X 13″ pan.

Bake as instructed on the box and let the cake cool completely.  Once cake is cooled, break apart and add a can of frosting.  I used about 80% of the can, but you can add according to your preference.  Keep in mind that you’ll need enough to keep the cake intact after you roll.

Mix the frosting with the cake (don’t be afraid to use your hands!)  Roll into quarter-sized balls.  Make sure the cake is packed enough to stay intact.  Place the cake in the fridge for a few hours.  You can cut the time by putting it in the freezer.

Once the cake is hard, then you’re ready to dip!  Melt the candy bark or melt in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, then stir and microwave for an additional 10-20 seconds.  You can also melt the candy in a pan on low for 10 minutes.  Put a lollipop stick into the middle of the cake and dip completely in the candy.  Work quickly and shake off the excess before the candy hardens.  If you use sprinkles, put them on right after you shake off the extra candy coating.  Stand the cake pops in styrofoam to harden.

Once they harden (about half an hour), then they’re ready.  You can wrap them as favors, create a cake pop tree, the possibilities are endless!  These are a very easy DIY treat, also a great project to do with your bridesmaids.  Enjoy!

PS Valentine’s Day Craft Night

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Last week, Angel and I attended the Paper Source Valentine’s Keep Sake – A Crafter’s Night Out workshop in Boston.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get creative with stamps, hole punchers, and Martha (Stewart’s tools, of course). There were so many craft items to pick and choose from that our two hours absolutely flew by. We didn’t even get a chance to nibble on the snacks or take a sip of wine because we were so focused on completing our cards!

We started off with accordion paper, which could be used to tell a fold out story or separated into a single card fold.


This was our craft table after 5 minutes into the class





Definitely would recommend the workshop for those interested in DIY crafting. They have different classes each month depending on the holiday/event such as Wedding Invitations, Stamping, Spring Flower and much more.