DIY Paper Mache Letters

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I have a bunch of DIY wedding projects to share with you guys! We did DIY bouquets for the wedding, hangers, table frames, personalized towels, pomander balls, paper mache letters and other projects that I’m glad we’ve experienced on the wedding planning journey. Today I’m going to share the DIY project of decorating paper mache letters. I decided to do “LOVE” for our welcome table at the wedding reception.

I got these paper mache letters from Joanne Fabric and decided to wrap them in different pink and gray craft paper which I got from Michaels. Btw, both craft stores always has coupons for extra savings!

Begin by selecting which design you’d want to do for each letter. I chose to do an alternating pink and gray since those were my wedding colors.

Next, you’ll want to take a pencil and trace the width of the paper mache letter on the back of the design paper.

Then cut the strip and wrap it around the side of the paper mache.

Make sure to do the sides of the paper maches before starting on the top of the letter.

For the top of the paper mache letter, simply trace the letter and use a precision knife to cut it out.

A little bit of craft glue and double sided tape and voila!

I loved how my “LOVE” letters came out so I also did a matching heart box for cards. So same thing, I started off with the sides and then moved onto the top of the heart box.

The heart shaped box ended up being too small for cards but we were able to still use it as decoration for the welcome table.

Brides can paper mache any letters for decorations – “WELCOME”, “THANK YOU”, “MR & MRS”, “HAPPINESS” …etc. and use any decorative craft paper!

Silk Rose Petals vs. Freeze Dried Rose Petals

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Flowers can become costly when you factor in bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decoration, centerpieces, and even if you want to add some to the cake or cake table. They can add up to more than $2,000 (depending on the size of your wedding). As a DIY project, I plan on ordering bulk flowers online and having them delivered to the hotel in Hawaii for our wedding. They would be delivered two days prior to the wedding so we could make the bouquets and boutonnieres (slumber party!).

I came across the dilemma of ordering silk rose petals, freeze dried, or fresh rose petals for our ceremony decoration of the aisle. One DIY floral package I looked at included fresh rose petals but it was the most expensive. I love being able to reuse things especially since we’re having two receptions! The fresh rose petals would obviously go to waste after the ceremony in the hot humid air of the Big Island. So I started looking into silk rose petals and freeze dried.

Silk rose petals are fake and often smaller than fresh rose petals. They are the most cost effective but lack the feel of fresh or freeze dried rose petals. There are also more color options with silk rose petals than freeze dried.

Freeze dried rose petals are natural and biodegradable.  I originally thought they were “frozen fresh” petals but the “freeze” only refers to the process used to dry the petals.  They cost a little more but could be used again and again they lose their color (I’ve read up to 1 year).

*Note, these have been sitting in hot, humid conditions for the past month because I forgot about them

I ordered these samples from Petal Garden. For $2 (shipping included), you can sample 10 color choices for freeze dried rose petals and as many silk ones as you like. They also include a $5 coupon towards your next purchase so it’s a win-win!

The rose petals are stamped with a number to match their Color Key (the darker petals are hole punched).

I basically ordered all the pink freeze dried rose petals (10):

  1. Pink
  2. Ivory
  3. Plum
  4. Lavender
  5. Coral
  6. Blush
  7. Fuchsia
  8. Hot pink
  9. Guava
  10. Sherbert

And a couple of the silk ones (unlimited):
Hot pink
Bubble gum
Ivory with pink

Can you tell the difference between silk rose petals vs. freeze dried rose petals?!

After comparing the two rose petals, I would recommend couples going with the freeze dried rose petals. They arrived looking full, natural, and colorful. To loosen the freeze dried rose petals and give them an even more soft natural feel; place them in a humid environment such as a steamy bathroom or hot summer day outside. Hopefully I’ll be able to update with photos from the wedding ceremony when we get back!

Bridal Bouquet

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An all white bridal bouquet or one with a mix of soft pastels?

via Style Me Pretty

Back to School

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Its that time again when children are rushing in and out of school buses, teachers are bustling around in their classrooms and it seems like the world is back to normal again.  Unbearable morning traffic has emerged again with school buses screeching to a halt to pick children up at their stop; to dedicate this week to all those teachers who help and nurture each child’s growing need to succeed, here are a few ideas for an educator’s dream wedding.

A simple and elegant way for a teacher to express one of the most important days of her life.  

*Notes for the teacher* is a fun and cute idea for guests to leave messages for the bride and groom! Along with these great ideas, the library book check out cards can also be used as personalized menu cards for guests!

Simple accents that will help complete the look.

A teacher friendly snack bar for all guests!

Thank you to all those teachers who are helping our kids become everything they can be!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Looks like there’s rain in Boston’s upcoming forecast.  Here’s a fun little DIY project to help brighten up a room, your day or your mood! The materials that you’ll need are pretty easy to find, you can pick them up in any CVS, Target or Staples. If you are planning a Spring wedding, these flowers would be a great and inexpensive way to decorate your reception area.  While we continue to plan for one bride’s wedding, we came up with a great idea to use a white picket fence as a prop to help with the decor of the room.  One idea using these flowers could be to curl the pipe cleaner in through the holes of the fence and have the flowers appear from the fence.

I hope these ideas will help inspire you!


Bouquet of Flowers

1. Construction paper (at least 2 sheets of each color)
2. Pipe cleaners
3. Scissors
4. Glue stick/tape
5. Foam Hearts (optional)



Step 1: Cut out 5 large pedals using one color of construction paper, fold each pedal in half and cut from the bottom up about 1/3 of the way

Step 2: Cut out 5 small pedals using either the same color as the first, or choose a different color, fold each pedal in half and cut from the bottom up about 1/3 of the way

Step 3: Take one large flower pedal and maneuvering it using the slit on the bottom of the pedal, use either your glue stick or tape and place on the bottom inner left corner of the pedal and place the inner right corner on top to make a flower pedal.  Repeat this step for all ten pedals.

Step 4: Holding one big flower pedal, put glue or tape on the bottom outer corner of it and glue another pedal onto it to connect the pedals.  Do this until you have a ring of large pedals.

Step 5. Repeat Step 4 using your smaller pedals.

Step 6. Place the smaller ring of flowers inside the larger ring of flowers and glue down or use tape to secure its placement.

Step 7.  Using another piece of construction paper, cut out a circle and then continue to cut strips into the circle staggering the lengths.  Use your finger to curl the strips around the circle, either alternating a pattern or curling all the strips.

Step 8: Glue the little heart onto the circle.  Glue or tape the circle with the heart into the smaller ring of flowers.  Take your pipe cleaner and larger heart and flip to the back of your flower.  Tape down the pipe cleaner and glue the larger heart on top.

Viola! You have a beautiful spring flower to bring in some vibrant colors during these gloomy and rainy days ahead.

FF Candlehodlers

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A bargain Friday Favorite in fact! Michelle found these super cute Long Stem Tealight Candlehodlers for one of our bride’s centerpiece additions – $1 each.

They come in three different heights: 6″, 7″, and 8″ tall. Use these around your floral arrangements or other centerpieces to add a special touch!

Bridal Expo 2011

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On Sunday, January 9th, 2011, Mikado Weddings attended the Bridal Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  We were one of the wedding vendors that showcased the services that we provide to brides and their wedding party.  We started our day bright an early at 9am to set up our booth which we shared with A Healthy Balance, a fitness group that is located in Quincy, Ma.

There were many different elements to our table.  Days before the event, we gathered a bunch of DIY project ideas we had for the booth.  One of the bigger projects was making the easel to hold up our sign.  First, we purchased 3 long wooden planks about 2.5 inches wide and drilled holes in the tops to hold them all together with a screw.  When we finished building the easel, we painted it a neutral gray to enhance the color of the wood.

Another fun and cost effective DIY project we worked on was putting together a beautiful, seasonally appropriate centerpiece.  Since the weather provided us with an abundance of sticks and branches outside, we figured we could use that to our advantage.  After picking out the perfect branch, Lian painted it gray and sprinkled silver glitter on it and left it to air dry.  Michelle used a vase that she had in her home and filled it with pink tissue paper that she crinkled into little balls.  She also bought pink crystals that had little strings attached to them from Michaels to hang onto the branches.  Michelle had been working on another DIY project for her own wedding and was experimenting with Martha Stewart’s paper roses.  She made enough to place around the rim of the vase.  On the morning of the event, we placed all the pieces together and made a beautiful, soft and wintry centerpiece for our table.

Day of Coordination/Bridal Bootcamp Raffle Ticket

Every bride and her party that visited our booth was offered a raffle ticket that will allow them a chance to win a free “Day of Coordination” package from Mikado Weddings, along with a Bridal Bootcamp from A Healthy Balance.  Each person that filled out a raffle ticket was able to take a personalized Mikado Weddings pen as a gift and each bride was given a special gift of their own.

A BIG congratulations to Elizabeth Earle for winning the raffle ticket! We cannot wait to help and assist you on your big day!

DIY Paper Flowers

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I love paper flowers.  They are so pretty and delicate, it adds a great DIY touch to any wedding.  I’ve seen the crepe paper rose tutorial on the Martha Stewart website and was impressed by how easy it was to make the flowers.  When I came across a crepe flower kit from Martha Stewart at the craft store, I knew I had to try it!  You don’t need the kit to make these, just simply get all the items shown below and you’re good to go!

The kit came with white and green crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape, petal and leaf stencils.

Cut out stencils to make leaves, small and large petals, and the calyx.  You will need 5 small petals, 12 large petals, 1 calyx, and 3 leaves for each flower (more or less of each depending on what you prefer).

Wrap the floral tape around a long piece of floral wire.  Make sure you stretch the tape so it’s sticky.

Stretch out each petal to make a round shape and curl the edges out with a toothpick or skewer.

Wrap each petal with the floral tape 2 to 3 petals at a time (the flower will start to open up).  Make sure you wrap a piece of tape tightly to the bottom after you add all the petals.

Fold the leaves in half and glue a small piece of wire in the middle

Use the floral tape to tape the leaves to the bottom of the flower and bend the leaves out.  Pull out the petals to open up the flower.

Ta-daaa…you’re done!  So simple and so pretty!

DIY Pomanders

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Back in September, we created paper pomanders for Jerry and Lienda’s wedding ceremony.  These not only look pretty, but they are very easy to make!


Tissue paper, Floral Wire, Styrofoam Balls, Tulle or Ribbon and Glue Gun

We used colors that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses…pink, purple, and white.  You can choose to only use one color, but different colors will give the ball some contrast.  Cut each piece of  tissue paper into a 4″x 4″ square.  The squares don’t need to be even.

To make each “petal”, make a small pile of 4-6 pieces of tissue paper and tie the floral wire in the middle and twist at the bottom.  Pull each piece of tissue paper up to form a flower.  It’s easiest to make these in bulk before assembling the pomander.

Once you have a bunch of “petals”, use the glue gun and place a small drop of glue on the styrofoam ball where you want to stick the petal.  After placing the petal into the ball, let it dry before proceeding to the next one.  For a 1.5″ ball, you will need about 10-12 petals.  For the handle, you can use tulle or ribbon of the desired length and secure it with floral wire to the styrofoam ball.  You can add glue to the base of the ball if it’s loose.

The final product!!


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After carefully selecting your wedding date, there are so many perks that follow.  You may begin searching for your venue, shopping around for a dinner menu and even keeping an eye out for the flowers in your centerpieces.  Everyone is readily available to choose from an overwhelming selection of flowers all year round; but one of the great perks of choosing your wedding date first is being able to narrow down this broad range.  All kinds of flowers bloom year round but there are some that peek or are “in season” during specific times of the year.  Winter is quickly approaching us and some of the most popular “in season” flowers for the colder weather are lilies, orchids, the sweet pea, tulips and the iris.

Photo by Silkflowerwedding

A ceremony during the winter bliss brings in mind the beautiful white snow captured by the classic look of white lilies and the delicate snowflakes by the accents accessorized on the flowers.

Photo by FJFlowers

Pink Casablanca Lilies are also an “in season” flower during the cold winter weather.  The gentle and soothing colors will help bring in warmth.

Photo by Debbiecoflowers

Pink Calla Orchids.  Simple and elegant.

Photo by ElizabethAnneDesigns

For a soft burst of color try a bouquet of lavender and purple sweet pea.

Photo by Floralartvt

Photo by Blathanna Florists

Can’t have a wedding without the classic beauty of tulips.

Photo by TerraFlowersMiami

Something borrowed, Something Blue? Why not opt for a flower that stands out from everyone else.  The splash of color will no doubt be taken notice.

Photo by Flowerandfinery

*A wedding can be one of the most memorable times of your life, lets not let cost get in the way.  Shop around for the “in season” flower for your selected date.  There is a wide, beautiful and popular range of flowers that are available for bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding.